Multiple Pet Insurance

Most of us who love pets aren’t just content with having one in the house; we like to turn our homes into veritable wildlife sanctuaries with lots of cats, dogs and other animals roaming around. Whilst this is obviously an exciting and loving environment to be in, it can raise a problem both financially and logistically when it comes to insuring your pets. The good news is that many insurers now recognise this issue and offer discounts to consumers who take out multiple pet insurance policies or one policy for multiple pets.

Such rewards can really help you save money, particularly if you have a lot of pets which you need to take out insurance for e.g. a new litter of kittens. Taking out multiple insurance policies is always going to be expensive, no matter what discounts you get, but it does ensure that every single one of your pets is insured and that you can rest easy knowing that should anything happen to any one of them, you will be protected against the costs which they incur.

Shopping around is vital if you are considering insuring multiple pets with the same insurer. Your chosen company might offer a great deal for one pet but they might not have very high discounts for other pets which you insure and so you could end up spending more money than on another policy which is slightly more expensive in the first instance but offers much higher discounts for each subsequent pet.

Compare Multiple Pet Insurance

Insurer Policy Name Policy Type Maximum
Vet Cover
Multi Pet
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Asda Finance Value Annual £1,500 10% 20%
Asda Finance Standard Annual £3,500 10% 20%
Asda Finance Superior Annual £6,000 10% 20%
Direct Line Essential Annual £4,000 12 Months For 9 15%
Direct Line Advanced Per Condition £6,000 12 Months For 9 15%
M & S Premier Lifelong £7,000 15% 5%
Pet Protect Lifelong Extra Lifelong £6,000 10% 5%
M & S Standard Lifelong £4,000 15% 5%
Pet Protect Lifelong Plus Lifelong £4,000 10% 5%

If you are an animal breeder then you need to look for insurers who offer free cover for the offspring of any pet whom they already insure. This can get around the tricky business of having to get insurance for animals which you may be selling on relatively quickly after they are born. It also means that if there are any post-birth problems then the parent animal’s insurance policy will cover the parent’s offspring as well.