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The Different Types of Pet Insurance
Claim up to a fixed amount per condition for up to 12 months from the onset of that condition
Claim up to a fixed amount per condition without a time limit constraint
Claim up to a fixed amount every year for as long as you renew your policy

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Insurer Policy Name Policy Type Maximum
Vet Cover
Multi Pet
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Churchill Pet Emergency Annual £1,500 20%
Churchill Pet Insurance Annual £3,000 20%
M & S Premier Lifelong £7,000 15% 5%
M & S Standard Lifelong £4,000 15% 5%
Asda Finance Value Annual £1,500 10% 20%
Asda Finance Standard Annual £3,500 10% 20%
Asda Finance Superior Annual £6,000 10% 20%
Pet Protect Lifelong Extra Lifelong £6,000 10% 5%
Pet Protect Lifelong Plus Lifelong £4,000 10% 5%
Petplan Essential Annual £3,000 10%
Petplan Classic Lifelong £4,000 10%
Petplan Ultimate Lifelong £12,000 10%
Direct Line Essential Annual £4,000 12 Months For 9 15%
Direct Line Advanced Per Condition £6,000 12 Months For 9 15%

What is Pet Insurance?

Owning a cat or a dog can bring so much joy to your life, from the companionship you might find to the fulfilment that comes with caring for another life. But what will you do if your cat or dog is taken ill? What if they are injured in some way? Clearly this means a trip to the vet but in a time where the average veterinary bill in the uk can spiral up into the hundreds, how do you plan on paying for it?

This is where Pet Insurance comes into play. By having your pet insured, you can reclaim the money spent on those unplanned visits to the vet. Whilst it cannot guarantee successful veterinary treatment it can at least ensure that every available step is taken so that an animal need not be put to sleep because the owner cannot meet the costs of treatment.

What does Pet Insurance cover?

Pet insurance will mainly cover you against the cost of high veterinary treatment but with some policies you can also reap additional benefits either for free or as a paid optional extra. These include but are not limited to:

  • Cover against the loss or theft of your pet including cover for placing missing pet advertisements and offering rewards
  • Cover against any mishaps caused by your dog to a third party
  • Emergency board cover for your pet should you ever fall ill and be taken into hospital
  • Burial or cremation costs in the sad event of the pet’s death

Pet Insurance Discounts

Like any form of insurance, it pays to compare different pet insurance products to help you get the best deal. Our comparison tables give you a head start by showing you the kinds of discounts currently on offer by some of the top pet insurers. These include online discounts whereby you’re given money off your pet insurance policy for booking via the internet. Some insurers also offer a multiple pet insurance discount when you register two or more pets with them.

So as long as you, the pet owner, read the small print of your policy, ensuring that particular scenarios or situations you envisage are covered then you will be able to sleep a little easier with the knowledge that you have done everything you can to protect your pet!

Further Reading

Still a little confused?, dont worry! Pet Cover gives you the lowdown on how pet insurance works, the types of pet insurance and the important things that you should look for in a pet insurance policy such as third party liability cover, emergency board cover, cover for lost or stolen pets and so forth.

Our frequently updated blog also provides valuable information about common pet ailments as well as general information regarding the welfare of your pet cat or dog.